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Transforming your business with cutting-edge technology.

25 Years of Technology Experience

The Matrice IT team has 25 years of experience in a wide range of technology solutions, including Unified Communications, Contact Center Solutions, Cybersecurity, Cloud Solutions, and more.

Unified Communications and Contact Center Solutions

Unified Communications
Take advantage of Matrice IT's integrated communications to keep distributed teams connected and collaborative.

Why Invest in a Technology Advisor?

Expertise and Knowledge
Matrice IT has extensive knowledge and expertise in tech. We can provide insights and guidance on the best practices and new technologies for your specific needs.
Objective Perspective
Matrice IT will offer an unbiased and objective perspective and will provide recommendations solely based on what's best for your situation.
Cost-Effective Solutions
Matrice IT will identify cost-effective tech solutions that align with your goals. We will help you avoid costly mistakes by guiding you to the right strategies.

Unified Communications

Take advantage of integrated communications to keep distributed teams connected and collaborative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is going to help me install my new service?

Matrice IT Advisors specializes in helping companies design and deploy their new service. We offer white glove service during and after installation.

Will you help us decide which company is the best fit for our business?

We are agnostic when it comes to service providers. Our team of experts will narrow down the list of providers and assist in providing a demonstration of each service along with our recommendation.

Can you manage our services after we've installed our new service?

Yes, Matrice IT Advisors offers managed services to ensure your systems are working at all times.